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Are You Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge? Donate to Ethical Research!

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge has been making waves across the nation, and it's one of the most successful and viral non-profit marketing campaigns in recent history. 

Yet, while the challenge is undeniably fun and positive, many pro-life advocates have warned against supporting the ALS Association due to their ongoing research using embryonic stem cells. This kind of research ends the lives of countless embryonic humans, each entirely unique and made in the image of God. 

So what to do? If you want to participate in this fun challenge, yet you want to support ethical research, donate to the John Paul II Medical Research Institute, located here in the Midwest, instead! This organization performs ethical research that does not violate human dignity and destroy tiny lives. Spread the word!

Obama Admin. Revises HHS Mandate Again... And It's Still Bad

The Obama administration simply can't seem to learn. The HHS contraceptive coverage mandate is wrong, no matter how you look at it, and it should be scrapped as soon as possible.

Yet, instead of scrapping it, the administration continues to revise it in what are essentially meaningless ways. After seemingly dozens of revisions, the mandate is still violating the conscience rights of Americans who object to contraception. 

The latest revision, issued last Friday, is being blasted by pro-life leaders: 
Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey, co-chair of the Bipartisan Congressional Pro-Life Caucus called the new rule “just another highly coercive regulation — a direct, obnoxious, unprecedented government attack on the conscience rights of religious entities and anyone else who for moral reasons cannot and will not include potentially abortion-causing drugs — such as ella — or contraception and sterilization procedures in their private insurance plans.”

Arina Grossu, director for the Center for Human Dignity at the Family Research Council, said the revised procedure “remains an insulting accounting gimmick that does not protect the rights of Americans with sincere conscientious objections.”
Read more here, and a summary of the new regulations here.

Run for Their Lives! Help Moms and Babies Throughout Wisconsin! 

Everyday, our dedicated sidewalk counselors encounter pregnant mothers in desperate situations. Sadly, many of these women feel they have no options, and they see abortion as the only solution to their problems.

But there is hope. Many times, all it takes for a mother considering abortion to choose life is a little love, understanding, and practical support. This love and critical support is offered by countless crisis pregnancy support centers throughout our state, and thanks to their efforts, thousands of preborn lives have been saved.

The Loving Life 5K is designed to be a fundraiser for these wonderful support centers, as well as for our crisis pregnancy outreach programs! Your participation will be helping moms and babies in a concrete way!

So what are you waiting for? Register today!
PS: If you'd like to sponsor this exciting event, please call Matt Von Rueden at 262-796-1111 ext. 15 or email 

New Movie "The Giver" Delivers Strong, Pro-Life Message

The new film The Giver, based on the acclaimed young adult book by Lois Lowry, is playing in theaters across the country. Surprisingly for a Hollywood movie, however, this film contains a powerful, unvarnished pro-life message. 

From a LiveAction News review: 
While many prevailing themes exist in the film, the film's rising action and climax center around saving a baby not considered good enough to live.

The Giver is a dystopian work set in the future, in an undisclosed “Community” which has been regulated by “sameness.” It is a truly equal society, they say, because they have removed crime, race, color, even climate changes....

The pro-life messages resound throughout the film. In this society, deliberate killing is not called murder but “release.” While they do everything to ensure babies who are born are perfect, going as far as to have genetic engineers create the “right” kind of babies, sometimes things happen.
Read the rest of the review. If there's one movie you want to support this summer, this is it. 

Pro-Life News

Affiliate Announcements

The National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children calls on pro-life Americans to honor the gravesites of our unborn brothers and sisters. Solemn prayer vigils will be conducted at these gravesites, of which there are 43 across the United States, as well as at dozens of other sites dedicated to the memory of aborted children.
Wisconsin Vigil Sites

September 13, 1:30-2:30pm at Holy Cross Cemetery (Children's Section) 
the burial site of over 1,200 preborn babies. 
The service will be led by Bishop Donald Hying.

September 13, 10:00-11:00am at a burial site located on the church grounds of St. Michael's Parish.
For more information and additional locations call Pro-Life Wisconsin at 262-796-1111
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Courtesy Announcements

Columbia-St. Mary’s natural family planning center is excited to announce its free natural family planning information session. This introductory class will be offered on September 11 at 7 PM, at the Women’s Hospital on Lake Drive.

During the information session, we will discuss the basics of modern natural family planning, the science behind natural family planning, and its multiple health benefits. The information session will last about one hour.

Qiyan Mu is a nurse and has been teaching natural family planning classes since 2005. She has a special interest in women’s fertility health and is currently enrolled in the PhD nursing program at Marquette University.

For more information about the free session, please call 414-291 -1757. 

More Courtesy Announcements

August 25,  2014



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