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Marching for Life...And a Baby Saved!

On Wednesday, January 21st, two buses filled to capacity with Pro-Life Wisconsin pilgrims rolled into Wasington D.C. for the annual March for Life---the biggest human rights march in the world. 

The first stop was Planned Parenthood, where marchers stopped to pray for the unborn as well as mothers considering abortion. A woman entered the clinic as pro-lifers prayed outside. A few minutes later, she left the building and happily announced she had decided to keep the baby! Dan Miller, Pro-Life Wisconsin's State Director, described the moment like this: 
"I've been sidewalk counseling for  a long time - five  years. I think I've cried  a grand total of  three  times after a save.  After what happened today, I was overwhelmed with such a superabundance of joy as I had never experienced before. On  the  way  to  DC, I had  been  telling my stories from  the  sidewalk to  those on our bus at every chance.  I wanted them to feel what I had felt so many times before in my work. God answered that prayer today!  Now they know - they  were there!"
What a great way to start the March! 

Later, marchers joined over 600,000 other pilgrims from all over the world to call for an end to abortion!

Check out the pictures from this powerful event here

Pro-Life Minute No. 3: March for Life Edition

Watch as Dan Miller, PLW's State Director, recaps our incredible, joyful experience at the March for Life!
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Legislative Republicans Call for Comprehensive Audit of Wisconsin Family Planning Providers

In the wake of an ongoing department of health investigation of two Wisconsin family planning clinics (which has already uncovered $3.5 million in taxpayer dollars falsely billed to Medicaid for birth control services), thirty-two Republican state legislators led by Rep. Andre Jacque and Sen. Mary Lazich are requesting the non-partisan Joint Legislative Audit Committee to “conduct a comprehensive, independent audit of Wisconsin’s Medicaid family planning providers, including Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.”

The audit request was made in a letter sent to Sen. Robert Cowles and Rep. Samantha Kerkman, co-chairmen of the Audit Committee. The letter reads in part, “It is peculiar and deeply troubling that any large recipient of taxpayer dollars would pre-emptively divulge that they are guilty of massively defrauding the government and actively in violation with their billing practices, with no plans to change or reimburse taxpayers – and yet that is precisely what Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has admitted to doing.” Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) has publicly stated that if they are audited, they will likely have to close their birth control clinics in the state.

Pro-Life Wisconsin applauds this bold legislative effort to root out waste, fraud and abuse in Wisconsin’s Medicaid family planning program. It is bad enough that these family planning monies fuel surgical and chemical abortions in our state. It is intolerable that Wisconsin taxpayers are ripped off in the process!

In partnership with Alliance Defending Freedom, Pro-Life Wisconsin recently coordinated a massive open records request on PPWI through Wisconsin's Department of Health Services (DHS). The open records request revealed 26 DHS audits of PPWI between 2006 and 2012, uncovering a modest $43,272.80 in over billing. However, these audits were very limited in scope in terms of location, time frame, and type of claims. And all but the last audit were conducted and released under former Gov. Jim Doyle, a pro-abortion Democrat.

4 Reasons the 20 Week Abortion Ban Was Deeply Flawed

As pro-lifers, it only makes sense that we want our lawmakers to introduce and pass pro-life legislation. But when that legislation is deeply flawed and actually undermines the core principles we are fighting for, there is a serious problem.

Sadly, the federal 20-week abortion ban (H.R. 36) voted on by the U.S. House of Representatives on January 22 is just such a flawed bill. Pro-life lawyer Gualberto Garcia Jones gives 4 big reasons why this bill needs some serious modifications:
1. The bill is a prime example of pro-life legislation that makes pro-lifers complicit with the crime of abortion.
The operative section of the bill is titled “requirements for abortion.”  In that section, the bill lays out the procedures that have to be followed in order to legally murder a child in the womb.
To illustrate the moral recklessness involved in this bill, imagine if we substituted abortion with the morally equivalent crime of infanticide.  No matter how bad the status quo were, can you imagine advocating a bill that contained a section entitled “requirements for infanticide”?

2. This bill is based on a value judgement about the dignity of life that is contrary to our core principles.
H.R. 36 puts a heavy emphasis on the fact that there is “substantial medical evidence that an unborn child is capable of experiencing pain at least by 20 weeks after fertilization.”  But this is not why pro-lifers seek to abolish abortion.  Abortion is not wrong because it produces pain – which it undeniably does both to the child and the mother – abortion is wrong because it takes the life of an innocent human being.  Could we look that 19-week-old child in the eyes and tell her that we advocated to allow abortionists to legally dismember her because she was a week away from feeling pain?
Read the rest of Jones’ analysis over at

Life Matters, No Exceptions: Why Abortion Loopholes Hurt the Pro-Life Movement

The failure of the GOP majority House to successfully pass the 20 week abortion ban was widely publicized, with some blaming liberals and others blaming conservatives. But what many people don't want to acknowledge is that the bill failed for one big reason: abortion exceptions

For far too long, many in the pro-life movement, including many legislators, have excluded certain classes of pre-born babies from legal protection in the name of political expediency. No matter how you spin it, though, exceptions for abortion are just plain wrong, and they hurt the pro-life cause. 

Last week, popular blogger Matt Walsh took the GOP and certain elements within the pro-life movement to task for embracing abortion exceptions, and he demonstrates clearly why the practice makes no sense:
You can’t be pro-life with exceptions, because every reason you are pro-life also applies to those exceptions. And, yes, those exceptions are rare, but the consequences of compromising on these morally absolute pro-life tenets are far reaching. All you have to do is look around at our culture and you can see the havoc that is caused when we try to make concessions or accommodations with moral absolutes.


The great thing here is that, if we stop with the moral cowardice and intellectual laziness, and we start defending the pro-life platform as the solid and irreducible thing that it is, we might be able to actually move the conversation along.
Read the rest of Matt's hard-hitting piece.

Pro-Life News

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Affiliate Announcements

Madison Prayer Vigil - Vigil for Life, Madison will host a prayer vigil to mark the 42nd anniversary of the tragic Roe v. Wade decision on Tuesday, January 27th at 10 a.m. The prayer vigil will be led by Fr. Jorge Miramontes and held on the sidewalk outside of Planned Parenthood, 3706 Orin Rd. in Madison.
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Courtesy Announcements

Light in the Darkest Hour: Guidance for the End of LifeWho: Dr. Marisa Beffel (Ph. D., Medical Bioethics) Member, Catholic Medical Association Member, Pro-Life Wisconsin Speakers’ Bureau What: Presentation, with Q & A Session When: Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 7:00pm Where: St. John the Evangelist Church Hall (lower level parking lot) 8500 W Cold Spring Rd., Greenfield Other: Refreshments served Free-will Offering For more information, please call Kathy at 414-329-0991 


February All-Night Vigil of Reparation – The February All-Night Vigil of Reparation will be at  Gesu Church, 12th and Wisconsin, Friday and Saturday, February 6th and 7th. The opening Mass will begin Friday night at 8 pm, followed by a procession with the Blessed Sacrament. Adoration, talks, holy hour for life, community prayers and confessions throughout the night, concluding with First Saturday Mass at 5 AM. Come for the opening Mass if you can; then stay as long as you like. If you need a ride or more information, call 414-254-2790. And please pass the word.

More Courtesy Announcements

January 26, 2015



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