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 41 years of denial!

by State Director, Peggy Hamill

As disciples of the Gospel of Life, our joyful, gift filled, celebrations of the Christmas and New Year’s quickly fade as we prepare to mark yet another January 22nd  anniversary of Roe v Wade.  41 years of the denial of the dignity of the preborn person has resulted in the slaughter of well over 55 million preborn children. Not to mention the untold number of preborn lost to chemical abortifacients. Society has bought into a total devaluation of the preborn child, unless that child is "wanted.”
Recently, while speaking to 300 Pro-Life Wisconsinites gathered at the gravesite of over 1500 aborted babies in Milwaukee, Bishop Donald Hying reflected on the worth of these children as it relates to Christ’s Incarnation." Jesus, God has completely identified Himself with our humanity. It's why abortion is such an abomination. It is an obliteration of our human dignity. It is a denial of the reality of the Incarnation. It is a forgetting, on purpose who we are."
After 41 years, we must regain our sense of outrage at the horrific holocaust and assault on the dignity of the human person that elective abortion is.  We cannot stand by as the agents of death trample on the dignity and snuff out the lives of the innocent preborn.
For this reason Pro-Life Wisconsin has added 30 second, eye opening, TV commercials, on the worth of the human person. They can be viewed by clicking here .
As Christ became one of us to bring light to a dark world let us move forward in 2014 expanding on the tremendous growth Pro-Life Wisconsin has seen in our 21 years of ministry. In 2013, our growing number affiliates and their members hosted a record number of PLW Sidewalk Counseling, End of Life, Stop Planned Parenthood and Personhood workshops. With selfless, talented, dedicated volunteers, prayer warriors and supporters in every corner of the state more lives were spared than ever before. To make a donation to support the programs of Pro-Life Wisconsin click here.

March for Life Pilgrimage to Washington D.C. - A few spaces remain open!


March for Life Pilgrimage to Washington D.C.; A few spaces still open!

Please join Pro-Life Wisconsin from January 19-23 as we travel by motor coach to Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life. This is a perfect pro-life oportunity for families and adult individuals to join over 500,000 others from across the US and beyond as we call for the recognition in law of the personhood of all preborn babies at all stages of existence, without exception. A few spaces remain open and full payment is required to hold a spot. For more details and to request a registration form, call 262-796-1111 ext. 11. 

Care of pregnant women in Catholic hospitals 
by Fr. Tad Pacholczyk

At the beginning of December, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a sweeping federal lawsuit against the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops over its Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic hospitals, alleging that the directives, with their prohibition against direct abortion, resulted in negligent care of a pregnant woman named Tamesha Means.

Ms. Means’ water broke at 18 weeks, leading to infection of the amniotic membranes, followed by spontaneous labor and delivery of her child. The child lived only a few hours.

Lawsuit assertions

During the course of these events, Ms. Means went to a Catholic hospital in Michigan several times, and, according to the lawsuit, was sent home even as contractions were starting.

The lawsuit not only suggests that she should have been given a drug to induce labor early on, but claims this wasn’t possible precisely because the hospital was Catholic and bound by the directives.

It further asserts that Catholic hospitals are not able to terminate a woman’s pregnancy by inducing premature labor “even if necessary for her health,” because to do so would be “prohibited” by the directives.

What the directives actually say

In point of fact, however, the directives would not prevent the early induction of labor for these cases. Not infrequently, labor is induced in Catholic hospitals in complete conformity with the directives.

Directive #47 (never mentioned in the lawsuit) is very clear: “Operations, treatments, and medications that have as their direct purpose the cure of a proportionately serious pathological condition of a pregnant woman are permitted when they cannot be safely postponed until the unborn child is viable, even if they will result in the death of the unborn child.”

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Affiliate Activities

Price County Respect Life will hold a day to remember, January 25 at St. Paul's Church in Catawba. "Love Them Both......41 Years of Roe VS Wade" will start at 9 a.m. with rolls and coffee and include several speakers including Michelle Martin of Ladysmith's CareNet and Pat and Jeanette Gierl. We hope to have testimonies from young women also. Lunch will be served at 12:15 and an option of Eucharistic Adoration and Confession will be offered at 1;00 p.m., concluding at 2:00 p.m. A free will offering can be made. 
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Courtesy Announcements

The Nazareth Project Respect Life Ministry, 41st  Anniversary Roe v. Wade - January 22, 2014. .Archdiocesan Respect Life Mass on the Day of Prayer and Penance, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish, 2224 45 St, Kenosha, WI. Rosary 6:30 p.m., Mass begins at 7 p.m. Click here for more info.
More Courtesy Announcements

January 6, 2014


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