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HHS mandate revised again, still intolerable

On Friday morning, the Obama administration released the final version of the HHS mandate, which requires most employers to pay for contraceptives, abortifacient drugs, and sterilizations for their female employees. While the administration said that the new version addresses religious freedom concerns, this claim was promptly dismissed by pro-life legal analysts, who said the mandate is simply the "same old, same old." Read More

Hobby Lobby wins injunction on oppressive HHS mandate

Do laws protecting religious freedom apply to businesses? Faced with an explosion of lawsuits filed by companies that refused to comply with the federal contraception mandate on moral grounds, the Obama administration asserted in legal briefs that “secular” for-profit employers had no right to an exemption. Read More

How gay marriage's fate was sealed more than 50 years ago

This secular writer acknowledges that gay marriage is a direct result of contraception and the mentality it engenders, a fact many Christians and pro-lifers seek to ignore or deny. 

[T[he widespread availability of contraception transformed marriage from a conjugal union into a relationship based to a considerable degree on the emotional and sexual fulfillment of its members — with childrearing often, though not always, a part of the equation. And it is because same-sex couples are obviously just as capable as heterosexual couples of forming relationships based on emotional and sexual fulfillment that gay marriage has come to be accepted so widely and so quickly in our culture. Read More

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Join PLW Ozaukee County in Cedarburg's July 4 parade! This exciting, family-fun event helps to ignite a passion for the cause of life in our communities.  Through sunshine, smiles, candy and crowds, the message of God's precious creation rings out!  Bring your trikes and bikes, strollers, and flags to the Cedarburg Fireman's Park on the 4th; parade begins 10 am.  RSVP to Charmaine Herbert at 262-387-0587 or  
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The July All-Night Vigil of Reparation will be at Sacred Heart Croatian Church, 49th and Wells, Friday and Saturday, July 5th and 6th . It opens Friday night with Mass at 8 PM., followed by a procession with the Blessed Sacrament. Adoration, talks, community prayers and confessions throughout the night, concluding with First Saturday Mass at 5 AM. Come for the opening Mass if you can; stay as long as you like. If you need a ride or more information, call 414-254-2790.

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