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Action Alert: Support Wisconsin Personhood Amendment!

The pro-life movement is founded on the bedrock principle that all human beings, at all stages of their development, deserve full protection under the law. To that end State Representative Andre Jacque (R-Green Bay) has begun circulating for co-sponsorship the Wisconsin Personhood Amendment, legislation that extends the inalienable right to life already found in the Wisconsin Constitution to all preborn children from the beginning of their lives. Click here for a copy of the amendment and click here to read PLW’s legislative memo.

The personhood amendment seeks to end abortion in Wisconsin, not to regulate or restrict it.  It seeks to end all violence toward preborn children in Wisconsin – surgical, chemical, experimental, etc. – at all stages of development.


Please CALL or EMAIL your state representative and state senator NOW and urge him or her to co-sponsor LRB 0130/1, the “Wisconsin Personhood Amendment.” Click here to find out who your state legislators are and how to contact them.

Tell your legislators to extend the inalienable right to life already found in the Wisconsin Constitution to all preborn children at all stages of development.


What is personhood and why is it so foundational to the pro-life movement?  Put simply, a "person" is a human being who is fully protected under the law; and we use the legal term "personhood" to describe this condition. Once a human being is declared a person that individual is guaranteed certain legal rights, such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In other words, to be a person is to be fully protected by a series of God-given and constitutionally protected rights. Read More

New Personhood Wisconsin Website Launched

Pro-Life Wisconsin is proud to announce the re-launch of! The site has been completely redesigned from the ground up, and it contains lots of compelling information about personhood, the language of the Wisconsin Personhood Amendment, a petition, legal analysis, FAQs, video resources, and much more. Check it out and tell your friends!

Pro-Life Groups Launch New Push for 'Personhood' Amendment

The following coverage of personhood is from the Greenfield Patch website.

"On the heels of the passage of a new law requiring women to get ultrasounds before having abortions, Wisconsin's pro-life movement is making a renewed push for the passage of a 'personhood' amendment to the state Constitution." Read More 

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PLW Milwaukee - Join pro-life young adults to pray the rosary for the end of abortion the 3rd Saturday of each month. Rosary begins at 9:30 a.m. at the abortion clinic at 1428 N. Farwell Ave. in Milwaukee. For more information, contact Sam Guzman at 262-719-8026. 
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The St. Gianna Molla Guild of the Catholic Medical Association will be hosting "Catholic Health Care at the End of Earthly Life," Tuesday, July 16 in Neenah. The registration form can be downloaded here
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