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Say hello to our newest team member!

Please welcome our newest staff member, Matt Von Rueden! Matt will be serving as our Director of Development. Feel free to send him an email at!

Here's a brief introduction from Matt. 
It is with great enthusiasm that I join the staff of Pro-Life Wisconsin as the new Director of Development. The lifesaving and personhood protecting mission of PLW contains the truths and values that I hold very sacred within my own heart, so I am overwhelmed with gratitude that my day to day work now involves promoting and protecting these same values.  I first became familiar with PLW during my high school years when I attended the March for Life aboard the PLW bus. Ever since that experience, I have continually been impressed by the unique way in which PLW stays true to its 100% pro-life stance, so as to defend all human persons from the moment of conception. I am thrilled to be working for such a credible and principled organization. I look forward to getting to know you as we work for the dignity of all human life. 
Click here for more details about Matt!

City of Madison Backs off Enforcement of Buffer Zone Ordinance

In an email memo sent last week to Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and members of the Madison Common Council, City Attorney Michael May questioned the constitutionality of the City's recently enacted buffer zone ordinance and announced that the City of Madison and Madison Police Chief Mike Koval will not enforce it. May's decision follows the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in McCullen v. Coakley striking down a Massachusetts law requiring pro-life witnesses and sidewalk counselors in the public way to remain 35 feet from the entrance to an abortion clinic.

May writes in the email that "the reasoning of the Supreme Court raises significant concerns, in my opinion, about the continued validity of the Madison ordinance. Because of those concerns, the City will not, as of the date of the McCullen decision, enforce the provisions of [the ordinance] that contain the buffer zone restrictions. Police Chief Koval concurs in this determination."

"With the City of Madison backing off enforcement, it's becoming increasingly clear their buffer zone ordinance is unconstitutional," said Matt Sande, Pro-Life Wisconsin's Legislative Director. "In January Pro-Life Wisconsin cautioned the Common Council to slow down and refrain from enacting any buffer zone restriction in light of the pending McCullen decision. They didn't listen, and the United States Supreme Court has now spoken, saying that buffer zones attack free speech rights in the public way. The City of Madison must act quickly to repeal this offensive ordinance before they lose in court, face substantial attorneys' fees, and suffer a complete loss of confidence in their ability to uphold basic civil liberties."

Please click here for the full press release from Pro-Life Wisconsin and click here for a press release from Alliance Defending Freedom.

Supreme Court Decision on HHS Mandate Includes ALL Mandated Contraception

Since the June 30th U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Hobby Lobby, various media outlets have been reporting that the High Court’s decision applies only to abortifacient contraception, and that businesses like Hobby Lobby are still required to pay for other kinds of contraception required by the HHS mandate.

But this, says Matt Bowman, attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom, is simply false:
Some commentators are mistakenly suggesting that the decision only applies if someone objects to the same “four” early-abortion causing items that the Court said the Hahn and Green families object to.

The HHS Mandate requires more than those four items: Employers must cover emergency contraception and intrauterine devices, but also other birth-control products and sterilization methods. Catholic owners and groups have generally objected to covering all these items, while Evangelical or Protestant folks have objected only to those they consider abortifacients.

But the Supreme Court’s protections for religious freedom apply to those who object to all of the HHS Mandate, not just to those who object to some of it.
Read the rest of Bowman’s comments here.

Bishop Callahan Issues Statement on Abortion Counseling at Franciscan-Skemp Hospital

Bishop William Callahan of the Diocese of La Crosse has issued a statement on the problem of a doctor at Fransciscan-Skemp hospital in La Crosse referring for abortions.

Read the statement here

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Affiliate Announcements

Ladies for Life Tea - The Life League of La Crosse will be holding their 5th Annual “Ladies for Life” Tea on Sunday, July 20th from 2-4pm at Blessed Sacrament Parish Hall.  There will be tasty tea sandwiches and goodies, activity for young ladies and pro-life advocate, Dan Miller, will be the featured speaker.  This is a fun-filled afternoon for ladies of all ages.  Tickets are $10 for ages 11 and up, $5 for ages 3-10, babes in arms are free.  For tickets or more information, contact Mari Erickson: (608)783-6407.  To set a table for the event, contact Jennifer Fisk: (608)783-0246


Pro-Life Life Chain at Franciscan-Skemp Hospital - Wednesday, July 9, a public picket will be held to protest the presence of an abortionist employed by Franciscan- Skemp hospital in La Crosse. The protest will be held 4:30-5:30pm
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Courtesy Announcements

Madison Sidewalk Counselor Training - If you are interested in sidewalk counselor training - mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 16th at 6:30p.m. Veteran sidewalk counselor and head of the Servants of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Will Goodman, fellow servant, Jen Dunnett and head of Rachel's Vineyard in Madison, Mary Mead - will conduct the training. Location to be announced. For more details, contact Vigil for Life at 
More Courtesy Announcements

July 7, 2014



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