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Dear Ann Coulter, babies conceived in rape are not cannon fodder

[Rebecca Keissling, conceived in rape, responds to Ann Coulter's defense of abortion exceptions.]

My response to people like Ann Coulter is – WE ARE NOT CANNON FODDER! You do not get to put us out on the front lines and then take a giant step back. The “burning building” analogy fails because you have no interest in working to save all. You do not get to call yourself pro-life by shutting off the water, sending the fire trucks home, while you stand there watching the building burn down with THE ONE inside of it.
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Exceptions Are Never Acceptable

One of the most insidious elements undermining the pro-life movement is abortion exceptions. More and more frequently, pro-lifers have been inserting language into legislation that intentionally excludes babies.... Read More

Medical Experts: Direct abortion never necessary to save the life of the mother

A major medical symposium in Ireland this week concluded that abortion is not medically necessary to save the life of a pregnant mother. Read More

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Join PLW Ozaukee County in Cedarburg's July 4 parade! This exciting, family-fun event helps to ignite a passion for the cause of life in our communities.  Through sunshine, smiles, candy and crowds, the message of God's precious creation rings out!  Bring your trikes and bikes, strollers, and flags to the Cedarburg Fireman's Park on the 4th; parade begins 10 am.  RSVP to Charmaine Herbert at 262-387-0587 or  
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La Crosse - Fortnight for Freedom continues this week in the Diocese of La Crosse. For more information regarding events during the week, click here.

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