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It Starts TODAY!

Calling all teens! Registration for our 2015 Awakening Hope Youth Retreat begins TODAY! This year's extended retreat is going to be awesome, with a beautiful new location, informative educational sessions, and lots of fun games and activities.

This year's retreat will be held at the beautiful St. Vincent Pallotti Retreat Center in Elkhorn, WI!

Mark your calendars for 
July 24-26 and register now to reserve your spot! 


Salon Mag: Personhood is Terrifying

Salon magazine is scared---scared of personhood, that is. The extremely pro-abortion website sees personhood as the biggest threat to legal abortion on demand, and they waste no words vehemently attacking and vilifying those who want to recognize that pre-born human beings have human rights. Here's how Salon characterizes personhood supporters:
They all believe fertilized eggs have full legal rights under the 14th Amendment, a legal and political concept so extreme that most mainstream anti-choice organizations won’t touch it during an election year.
The article concludes with an excellent quote from Daniel Becker, President of the National Personhood Alliance, that sums up the personhood position:
“Compromise is not possible,” Daniel Becker of Georgia Right to Life wrote to explain why he was forming the National Personhood Alliance. “This is not like roads or highways or agricultural subsidies; when we compromise — someone dies.”
Pro-Life Wisconsin is proud to be an affiliate of the National Personhood Alliance (NPA). Matt Sande, PLW's Legislative Director, serves on NPA's board of directors and policy committee. 

Read more here. 

It's OK to Kill Babies If They Don't Feel Pain?

Attorney and pro-life activist Rebecca Kiessling, citing a recent Montana bill that allows mothers to anesthetize their babies before aborting them, questions the wisdom of such legislation.
...[A]s far as I’m aware, this would be the first time in American history that a precedent would be set that it’s okay to kill your innocent victim as long as he or she doesn’t feel pain, or as the bill now stands – as long as those involved in the killing are told that the victim might feel pain. Just think of how far-reaching such a dangerous precedent could be extended: euthanasia of special-needs children, as well as assisted suicide. Do we mitigate first-degree murder to a lesser charge if the killer showed “compassion” by killing the victim swiftly while sedated? Do we show leniency to rapists for drugging the victim and raping her while she’s passed out, or for using a condom? How asinine would that be?!
Read the rest of her commentary here.  

Pro-Life Minute No. 17 - Let's roll!

The world is in crisis. There's no time to waste. Let's get rolling building a culture of life!
Watch Now

Angel in the Waters: A Beautiful Pro-Life Book for You and Your Child

Recently, I received a copy of Regina Doman’s classic book, Angel in the Waters, in the mail. I can think of only one word to sum it up: Beautiful.

The publishing world is rarely interested in pro-life books, and talking about life issues with children can be tricky. Combined, these factors mean that high-quality pro-life books aren’t very common. But Angel in the Waters, published by Sophia Institute Press, is a definite exception.

Read the rest of the review at our blog. 

Pro-Life News

  1. Satanists: Abortion is a part of or our religion
  2. Michigan House passes budget banning funding for Planned Parenthood
  3. Gloria Steinem pushes abortion, ridicules Church at Catholic college; Bishop rebukes college
  4. Liberal blog: Planned Parenthood launches new 'Hookup' app for teens
  5. Nigerian Bishop: Hillary Clinton thinks she is a god
  6. We've already redefined marriage by accepting contraception
  7. Planned Parenthood lawyer makes outlandish claims at fetal homicide hearing
  8. Presbyterian Pastor: Planned Parenthood is a 'ministry'
  9. Catholic schools say pro-life week teaches lifelong values
  10. Abortion advocate gives ten illogical reasons why she supports abortion
  11. Planned Parenthood manager to pro-life advocate: Ramona Trevino's story

Affiliate Announcements

Pro-Life Wisconsin is proudly sponsoring an event with the St. Gianna Molla Guild on July 16. The event begins with Mass at 5:15pm at the Bridgewood Hotel in Neenah, WI. The featured speaker is Alex Shadenberg, Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition​. Registration is $35 members and $45 non-members. Registration begins soon! More details available at
More Affiliate Activites

Courtesy Announcements

NFP Class at Holy Angels Parish - The class dates are May 19 and Tuesday June 16. The classes are all from 6-8:30pm at Holy Angels Parish School in West Bend. The course does cost $150 which includes the instruction, all of the materials needed, a nutritional reference book, thermometer, and a year-long membership to Couple to Couple League. There is some scholarship money available. Babysitting will also be available on the class dates. Couples can register online at and if they have any questions, they can contact (262) 707-3018 or  

More Courtesy Announcements

May 4, 2015



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