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Join Pro-Life Wisconsin as we travel to the 2016 March for Life of Chicago. It is shaping up to be the largest pro-life event in Illinois, with approximately 10,000 people anticipated! 

Join Pro-Life Wisconsinites and over 700,000 other pro-lifers as we mark the tragic anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

The annual March for Life will be held Friday, January 22, in Washington D.C. Pro-Life Wisconsin's buses will be leaving on Wednesday, January 20, and returning Sunday, January 24.

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Joint Public Hearing on Senate Bill 552 and Assembly Bill 991: Removal of Minor Children from the MA Family Planning Demonstration Project
Action Alert
Monday, February 13, 2006

February 10, 2006

To: Members, Pro-Life Wisconsin

From: Matt Sande, Director of Legislative Affairs
Mary Matuska, Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs

Re: Joint Public Hearing on Senate Bill 552 and Assembly Bill 991: Removal of Minor Children from the MA Family Planning Demonstration Project

This Tuesday, February 14th, the Senate Committee for the Review of Administrative Rules and the Assembly Committee on Family Law will be holding a joint public hearing on Senate Bill (SB) 552 and Assembly Bill (AB) 991, legislation that would eliminate minor girls’ access to the destructive Medicaid Family Planning Demonstration Project. The hearing will be held in Room 411 South of the State Capitol Building in Madison at 12:30 p.m.

Planned Parenthood, Inc. and their pro-abortion allies will be out in force at this hearing calling for the defeat of SB 552/AB 991. We must PUSH BACK PLANNED PARENTHOOD by demonstrating to our legislators that free, taxpayer-funded birth control distributed to underage girls behind parents’ backs is both offensive and dangerous! Senator Glenn Grothman and Representative Mark Gundrum, the bills’ authors, are counting on our active support.

Your Attendance is Needed!

Please attend the public hearing this Tuesday and speak in favor of or simply register in favor of SB 552 and AB 991. Your visible support is critical to the passage of this legislation! Thank you.


Pro-Life Wisconsin has been working to protect our young people from a physically and morally destructive federal/state program called the Medicaid Family Planning Demonstration Project. The Project currently provides free, taxpayer funded birth control to 15, 16 and 17-year old girls without their parents’ knowledge or consent. We are fighting for passage of AB 991 SB 552, legislation that would cancel minor girls’ access to the Project.

Introduced by Senator Glenn Grothman and Representative Mark Gundrum, SB 552 and AB 991 would specifically change the minimum age requirement, from 15 to 18 years, for eligibility for the Project which provides “family planning” services to low-income women.

This legislation is simply common sense. Protecting young girls from the devastating physical and emotional effects of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), pregnancy and abortion, as well as ensuring the rights of parents to be involved in such important issues in their daughters’ lives is good public policy.


· “Family Planning Project” Undermines Parents
: Providing free, taxpayer funded birth control to 15 year-olds behind parents’ backs is irresponsible public policy. Federal and state law prohibits parental notification of an underage child who applies for services under the Medicaid Family Planning Demonstration Project. Contraceptive drugs and devices pose serious health risks for women, including blood clots, cancer, strokes and heart attacks. What parent would not want to know that their minor child is ingesting such potentially life threatening drugs? Should we not ensure that moms and dads are involved in the sexual health of their sons and daughters, not to mention their moral development?

A recent Zogby poll revealed that 70 percent of parents either “strongly disapprove” or “disapprove” of their child being able to obtain contraception without their knowledge or approval.* The very least we can do as a state is to respect parental authority; to recognize the love and concern that parents have for their children.

*(Zogby International 2003 Survey on Parental Opinions of Character-Based, Abstinence-Until-Marriage Sex Education vs. Comprehensive [“Abstinence-First,” Then Condoms] Sex Education, February 13, 2003)

· “Family Planning Project” Increases STDs: Government-funded birth control contributes to an increase in STDs by encouraging sexual promiscuity. The Pill offers no protection against STDs including AIDS. With over thirty viruses today compared to only two in 1960, STDs among our teens have become a full-blown epidemic. Every day, 8,000 teens become infected with an STD – a direct result of our overemphasis on birth control and our culture’s “sex-with-no-consequences” mindset.
After twenty years crusading for safe sex by dispensing condoms and the Pill to adolescent patients, Dr. Meg Meeker, M.D., as described in her book Epidemic – How Teen Sex is Killing Our Kids,* realized she was horribly mistaken when her teen patients began marching in with dangerous STDs. She now counsels teens and parents on the medical importance of waiting to have sex. It’s time the State of Wisconsin reassess the so-called benefits of "family planning" for Wisconsin’s children.
*(“Epidemic: How Teen Sex is Killing our Kids,” by Meg Meeker, M.D.)

· “Family Planning Project” is Ineffective: Compelling data indicates that broad contraceptive availability may actually work to increase underage pregnancy and abortion by encouraging sexual promiscuity, debunking Planned Parenthood’s theory that the provision of contraceptives to teens will reduce underage pregnancies.

A March 2002 study published in the Journal of Health Economics investigated the impact of family planning on teenage conceptions and abortions by testing data from 16 United Kingdom regions over a 14-year period.* The author of the study concluded that “the overall effect of expanding family planning services for under-16s has been to increase pregnancies and abortion.”

*(“The Economics of Family Planning and Underage Conceptions,” Dr. David Paton, Nottingham University Business School)

Don’t let Planned Parenthood experiment on our children!
Please speak up for SB 552 and AB 991, critical legislation that respects parents and protects our kids.