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Join Pro-Life Wisconsin as we travel to the 2016 March for Life of Chicago. It is shaping up to be the largest pro-life event in Illinois, with approximately 10,000 people anticipated! 

Join Pro-Life Wisconsinites and over 700,000 other pro-lifers as we mark the tragic anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

The annual March for Life will be held Friday, January 22, in Washington D.C. Pro-Life Wisconsin's buses will be leaving on Wednesday, January 20, and returning Sunday, January 24.

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They are provided solely as a reference for your convenience.)


Abortion Breast Cancer Coalition

Abortion Facts

Abortion TV

Fertility Care

Pope Paul VI Institute


Natural Family Planning (NFP) 

Billings Method
Couple To Couple League
Creighton Method
One More Soul (find NFP-only physicians)


American Center for Law & Justice

Thomas More Law Center

United States House of Representatives

United States Senate

United States Supreme Court

Wisconsin Legislature

Medical Decisions/End of Life Issues

International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Catholic Teachings

Donum Vitae (Gift of Life)

Evangelium Vitae (Papal encyclical "The Gospel of Life")

Humanae Vitae (Papal encyclical "Of Human Life")

Interventions Upon Human Procreation
(USCCB statements on in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and surrogate motherhood)

Pregnancy Help

Be Not Afraid (support in cases of fetal abnormalities)

National Life Center (Pregnancy Help)

Pregnancy Centers Online

Pregnancy Help Line

Post Abortion
After Abortion (Elliott Institute)

Rachels Vineyard (post-abortion ministry)

Pro-Life Products

Heritage House

Pro-Life Resources

American Life League

Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (monitors the U.N.)

Feminists for Life

Generations for Life

Human Life International 

Life Decisions International
(Mission: Challenging the agenda of Planned Parenthood)

Life Dynamics Inc. 

Life Issues Institute (Dr John Willke)

Life Site News (current news on life issues)

Live Action

National Life Chain

National Pro Life Radio 

Pharmacists for Life

Physicians for Life

Priests For Life

Pro-Life Action League

Population Research Institute  

Ultrasound: 4D from GE

Unborn Person

Women Deserve Better

Vaccination Awareness/Pro-Life Physicians

Children of God for Life

 Other Resources

Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity

Child Predators (from Life Dynamics, Inc.)

Do No Harm: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics-Stem Cell Research 

Focus on the Family 

Love Matters Find your local government officials