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Join Pro-Life Wisconsin as we travel to the 2016 March for Life of Chicago. It is shaping up to be the largest pro-life event in Illinois, with approximately 10,000 people anticipated! 

Join Pro-Life Wisconsinites and over 700,000 other pro-lifers as we mark the tragic anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

The annual March for Life will be held Friday, January 22, in Washington D.C. Pro-Life Wisconsin's buses will be leaving on Wednesday, January 20, and returning Sunday, January 24.

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Health Committee to Hear Bills Defunding Planned Parenthood

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

For Immediate Release
September 2, 2015 

Contact: Matt Sande, Legislative Director, Cell (262) 352-0890
Sam Guzman, Communications Director, Cell (262) 744-9671

Health Committee to Hear Bills Defunding Planned Parenthood
Abortion is not healthcare, says Pro-Life Wisconsin 

The Assembly Health Committee will hold a public hearing today at the State Capitol on two bills that will further defund Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI), the state's largest abortion provider. Authored by Representative Andre Jacque (R-De Pere), Assembly Bill (AB) 310 and Assembly Bill (AB) 311 together will eliminate approximately $7.5 million in public funding from PPWI.

"Abortion is not healthcare," said PLW State Director Dan Miller. "Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, a non-profit organization with a net worth of over $10 million that profits from killing unborn babies and exploits women in distress, should not be considered a healthcare provider. Wisconsin cannot continue to throw money at organizations that perform or refer for abortions."

Pro-Life Wisconsin (PLW) Legislative Director Matt Sande will offer public testimony in support of AB 310 and AB 311. Casey Mattox, senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom and a national expert on Planned Parenthood's fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars, will also testify along with Sue Thayer, former Planned Parenthood of the Heartland clinic manager.

"These bills respect the consciences of Wisconsin taxpayers who oppose the use of public funds for abortion," said Sande. "Family planning funds undeniably free up resources within receiving organizations, like Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, to engage in the surgical abortion business. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has deceived our children by fostering a false sense of security about ‘safe sex,' and has profited greatly from selling abortions to teen girls whose birth control fails. And despite their protestations, it is an open question whether they engage in the grisly trade of aborted fetal body parts."

Assembly Bill 310 would redirect federal Title X family planning funds away from organizations that perform or refer for abortions to public entities including state, county, and local health departments and clinics. Currently, more than $3 million annually in Title X funds are granted directly to PPWI. Assembly Bill 311 would dramatically reduce PPWI's Medicaid reimbursement rate for contraceptive drugs, paying them at the actual cost they pay for these drugs, not the artificially inflated rate they and other family planning clinics are getting now. This will eliminate $4.5 million from PPWI.

Polls consistently demonstrate that Americans are opposed to taxpayer funding of abortions. Pro-Life Wisconsin urges the Wisconsin Legislature and Governor Walker to keep moving down the long road toward totally defunding Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin of all taxpayer dollars. The 2011-2013 state biennial budget began the journey by prohibiting state and federal Title V Maternal and Child Health funds from going to organizations or their affiliates that perform or refer for abortions, redirecting them to public entities.